In light of our common missions and our shared values, we seek to become a church that:

  • Shows hospitality to people of all races, cultures, and ethnicities.
  • Learns about those with whom we are least acquainted as they become part of our congregation.
  • Gives to others in our faith community by being loving, hospitable, and authentic.
  • Worships God intentionally, in culturally relevant ways that invite participation, while being grounded in historical Christian practices.
  • Trusts the Holy Spirit to grow the Church and to guide our contemplation, imagination, and creativity.
    Feels compelled to bring people to Christ by helping the church and individual Christians to live according to the "Great Commission."
  • Aims for transformational holiness; that is, being shaped by God into the image of God.
  • Is shaped in our character and in our actions by God's Word, which we understand to be God's will for us as revealed in the Bible (the written Word) and in Jesus Christ (the Living Word).
  • Equips people for works of service.
  • Serves the poor and powerless.
  • Practices biblically-based social action.

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