We believe that Jesus Christ came to restore us to a relationship with God, a relationship that we were always meant to have with Him from the very beginning of time. Our worship is an expression of this new relationship through its biblical, historically-grounded convergence style of worship.



Our Four-Fold Pattern of Worship is depicted in our stained-glass window located in the center of our sanctuary.

We Enter to Worship
Here God awakens our whole being and begins to move us from the “scattered community” to the “gathered community.”

We Hear The Word
Having been prepared through Christ's Spirit in our Acts of Entrance we are now ready to receive what the Spirit has to say to us through God's Word.

We Give Our Thanks
Now we express our thanks to God for the gift of His Son by giving of our means and/or partaking of His holy meal, the Lord's Supper.

We Leave to Serve
We're now sent out as the "scattered community" once again to live and share what we have learned with a world who longs for a relationship with God.


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