Service Project Directory

Is your life group looking for a place to serve? Are you making time to give back to your community? Here are some places you may want to build relationships or serve one time:

Advice & Aids Crisis Pregnancy Center
(913) 962-0200
Clean and more.

Christ Community Church
(913) 829-2626
Paint, yard and housing improvements for elderly adults and disabled.

City of Olathe Community & Neighborhood Services Housing Rehabilitation
(913) 971-5345
Snow Brigade, paint, house improvements for elderly and disabled residents.

City of Olathe Housing Program
(913) 971-5090
Landscape and playground repairs.

Good Samaritan Center
(913) 782-1372
Play bingo, sing hymn & have devotions with residents; Clean kitchen and floors.

Habitat for Humanity
(816) 483-7700
Various Volunteer services.

Heart to Heart International
(913) 764-5200
Various Volunteer services.

KC Rescue Mission (Nazarene Sponsored)
(816) 421-7643
Cook meals and more.

Light House
(816) 782-6972
Various volunteer services.

Mahaffie Farmstead
(913) 782-6972

Meals on Wheels
(816) 444-1142
Various volunteer services.

Mission Southside
(913) 393-2200
Food and clothing sorting, cooking and other opportunities

My Father’s House
(913) 294-3600
Building improvements and cleaning; volunteer in clothing store.

Olathe Medical Center
(913) 791-4380
Various volunteer services.

Olathe Parks & Recreation
(913) 971-9720
Landscaping and trash pickup.

Olathe Police
(913) 971-7455
Deliver cookies and notes of appreciation.

Olathe Public Library
(913) 764-2259
Various volunteer services.

Salvation Army
(913) 782-3640
Serving meals and other volunteer services.

Temporary Lodging
(913) 764-2887
Activities for boys ages 11-18, supply a wish list, provide homemade meals.

(913) 393-9622
Various volunteer services.

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